X-ray examination of the larynx

Because of the fact that the larynx is a hollow organ, there is no need for contrast radiography, but in some cases, this method is used by spraying a radiopaque substance.

With the survey and tomographic radiography, direct and lateral projections are used. With a direct projection, the imposition of the spine on the cartilage of the larynx almost completely obscures them, so in this projection X-ray tomography is used, which takes the shadow of the spine behind the image plane, keeping only the radiopaque elements of the larynx in focus.

Radiographic image of the larynx
Radiographic image of the larynx
  1. X-ray tomography of the larynx in a direct projection
  2. Scheme of identification elements:
    1. The epiglottis
    2. Folds of the vestibule
    3. Voice folds
    4. Pear-shaped sines

With the help of tomographic examination, clear radiographs of the frontal sections of the larynx are obtained, and it becomes possible to reveal volumetric formations in it. With functional radiography (during deep inspiration and phonation), evaluate the symmetry of its motor function.

When analyzing the results of radiographic examination of the larynx, the age of the patient and the degree of calcification of its cartilage, whose islets can appear from the age of 18-20 years, should be taken into account. The thyroid cartilage is the most susceptible to this process. In some cases, resort to contrast radiography using aerosol spraying radiopaque substance.

Roentgenogram of the larynx
Roentgenogram of the larynx

Roentgenogram of the larynx using radiopaque substances by spraying:

  1. Roentgenogram of the larynx in the lateral projection
  2. Schematic representation of the identification signs of the roentgenogram of the larynx
    1. Oropharynx
    2. Laryngopharynx
    3. Upper-fold space
    4. Bottom-fold space
    5. Inner-fold space
    6. Trachea
    7. The larynx contours, visualized by aerosol spraying of contrast medium
  3. X-ray of the larynx with a sputtering in a direct projection