Laryngeal diphtheria

Gornic diphtheritic croup is observed in severe forms of diphtheria, manifested as signs of a common infectious disease. This form of diphtheria occurs as a result of a descending infection, nesting in the nasal cavity and nasopharynx in bacilli carriers. Diphtheria croup often occurs in children younger than 5 years, especially weakened by childhood infections, beriberi, alimentary deficiency, etc.

Pharyngeal diphtheria

Acute tonsillitis is most often observed in patients with acute leukemia and less often in people with chronic blood diseases. In the first days of the disease with acute leukemia, hyperemia and an increase in palatine tonsils are observed; Picture of catarrhal angina. In the following days, there may appear manifestations of hemorrhagic, ulcerative-necrotic and gangrenous lesions of the tonsils, which can pass to the gum and other parts of the mucous membrane. Along with angina, the symptoms of acute or chronic leukemia are manifested in patients.