Chondro-perichondritis of the larynx

The inflammatory process in the larynx can spread to the perichondrium and cartilage, as a result, the laryngeal chondro-perichondritis is developing. Chondro-perichondritis can be primary (it causes hematogenous infection) and secondary (first the mucous membrane of the larynx is affected, and then the perichondrium and cartilage).

Distinguish chondro-perichondritis and diffuse, acute and chronic. Basically, both sheets of perichondria are affected, therefore the division of chondroperi chondrite into external and internal is to some extent conditional.

Chondroperichondritis of the larynx in children

X-ray examination of the larynx helps diagnose the disease, with a thickening of the soft tissue shadow, a change in the pattern of normal ossification of the cartilage. Chronic chondroperichondritis manifests as a "disordered calcification".

In the treatment of chondroperichondritis of the larynx, the leading place is occupied by antibiotics, sulfonamides, and also decongestants. In the case of abscesses, they should be opened. With the development of decompensated stenosis of the larynx, tracheostomy saves the life of the patient.