benign tumors

Benign laryngeal tumors

Among benign tumors of the larynx, fibroids, papillomas and angiomas are most common.

Fibroma of larynx

Fibroma (fibrotic polyp) is located on the free edge of the vocal fold, on the border between the anterior and middle third. As a rule, it is mobile and has a thin stem. It grows slowly and basically does not reach large sizes. Depending on the number of vessels, the fibroid may be of a pink color of varying intensity.

Benign nasal and paranasal tumors

Benign tumors of the nose and paranasal sinuses include papilloma, fibroma, adenoma, angioma, angiofibroma, chondroma, osteoma. The clinical features of these tumors are due to their localization in the nasal cavity, size, nature of growth. Typical early signs of benign tumors are persistent unilateral obstruction of nasal breathing, hypo- or anosmia, bleeding, headache. In the late stages of the disease, deformations of the facial skeleton, displacement of the eyeballs, impaired vision.